Air Conditioning System Maintenance

Air Conditioning System Maintenance in Lawrenceville, GA

Just what would a hot summer day be like without an air conditioner? In most states of the country, an air conditioner is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Your air conditioning system is your lifeline during summer and when it stops working, you will not be happy. Most air conditioners are connected to your home’s air distribution system. The same ducts, the motor, and blowers that are used to distribute hot air during winter are also used to distribute cool air during the summer.

If the air conditioning system is working but the air is not cool, then you likely have an issue in the distribution system. The condenser and evaporator to your AC unit are sealed, which is the most important reason that a professional technician should be called. You don’t want to end up spending your hard earned cash on expensive repairs or premature part replacement.

AC Maintenance Services

Having a certified technician perform preventative maintenance is a large part of your homes system upkeep. Schedule a yearly visit for an air conditioning expert to come and take a look at your unit and perform an inspection with necessary maintenance.

A technician will give a thorough inspection and replace all parts that worn out. The service professional will check for leaks, tighten all loose fittings, check coolant levels and clean all filters and vents, as well as minor repairs or parts replacements.

A yearly check up will give peace of mind throughout the year and ensure your home remains cooled all summer long. This is the best way to to prevent unexpected ac breakdowns and costly emergency air conditioner repairs.

Home Air Conditioning Maintenance

There are a few tasks that will help extend the life of your air conditioner in between professional technician visits.

During the summer months we recommend you clean your vents once a month. Cleaning your vents ensures the fans and motor will be working at top efficiency and clear of debris and build ups.

Keep in mind that its also a good idea to change out your ac filter. Read the manufactures recommendations on how often to change your air filter, depending on the material and rating this may vary.

AC Maintenance Contractors

Its hard to remember to stay on schedule with regular ac maintenance, thats what we are here to help with, we will get you back on track if you have fallen behind. Give us a call to set up your annual maintenance check. Call the experts that your Lawrenceville neighbors have trusted for years.