Air Handlers


Air Handler Repair, Service, and Installation in Lawrenceville, GA

Air handlers give the mechanical muscle for homes with “split” central air conditioning and heating systems. A split system refers to a air conditioning unit or heat pump unit outside the house connected to a air handler within the house. Once operating with a air conditioner, the air handler circulates air force from within the house over the cooling coils that are powered by the air conditioning, then blows the cooled air back to the house.

once operating with a heat pump, the coils within the air handler will either heat or cool the air that is forced over them by the air handler. If you have got a split system with a furnace, the air handler completes the task of distributing heat.

Air handlers are connected to the network of ducts that distribute the conditioned air throughout the house. Most air handlers even have a filtration system typically a standardized fiber mesh filter to assist in purifying the air as it circulates. Air handlers may be organized to help with humidity management within the house.

Air Handler Units

Lawrenceville Heating and Air, services existing air handlers and installs new ones for householders within the Lawrenceville area. With several of the service calls we have a tendency to get to repair air conditioners and heat pumps, the air handler is usually where the problem lies.

Air Handler Basics

The air conditioning or heat pump found outside the house contains a compressor that pumps refrigerant through metal conduit that runs into the house and into the air handler. Within the air handler, the refrigerant circulates through a coil of metal conduit known as an evaporator coil. A blower motor within the air handler pulls air from within the home and circulates it past the evaporator coil. For air conditioning, the refrigerant within the coil absorbs the warmth from the air. For warming the house, that happens once heat pumps are acting as heaters, the coil releases heat extracted from outside air by the heat pump. After the circulation through the coil within the air handler, the refrigerant flows back outside to the air conditioning or heatpump.

Air Handler Installation

Air handlers should be totally integrated with the external air conditioning or heat pump they are paired with. The cooling or warming cycle starts once the interior temperature rises higher than or below the set temperature on a thermostat. The thermostat sends an electrical signal to the air conditioning unit or heat pump and to the air handler. The compressor in the outside unit starts pumping refrigerant and therefore the blower motor within the air handler starts circulating the homes air into it, forcing it over the heating or cooling coil, and therefore the back to the house through the ducts. The capability of the air conditioner or heat pump to flow into refrigerant should be matched to the capability of the air handler to effectively manage the movement of refrigerant through the evaporator coil.

Air Handler Anatomy

When your in the market for a air handler, the key elements to ask about should be:

  • Blower/Fan – the most operational element of the air handler. It ought to operate quietly and therefore the motor ought to be powerful enough to adequately service the whole sq. footage of your home. Some air handlers have multi-speed or variable speed motors to cut back surges of air.
  • Filter Compartment – The filter compartment ought to be accessible and therefore the be straightforward to examine and replace.
  • Cabinet construction – the cupboard ought to be solid and well made. Galvanized steel cupboards inhibit rust.

Compatible with existing duct work – The currently connected duct work must not need in depth modification that might jeopardize performance.

Air Handler Options

Air handlers provide your home with cleaner, healthier air day and night. Advanced Technology allows better air circulation. Designed to meet the needs of your home and operate with reliability and efficiency providing high performance without breaking the bank. Lawrenceville Heating and Air, your hvac experts, will examine your current system and assist you in deciding if it is time to upgrade your old air handler. The standard and specifications of the air handler greatly impact the performance of your home’s split system. If your old system is not operating properly, the fault may be with the air handler and not the air conditioning or heat pump. A used and abused system might not solely be decreasing the comfort of your home, however it may be increasing your cooling and heating bills. Contact us today if you reside in or around Lawrenceville Georgia to discuss your air handler choices. We’d be happy to answer any questions about your cooling and heating needs.